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Monday, November 4, 2013


Sunday, 3rd November, 2013

We went to Yamagata to the Church of England
to see Father Stephen and Noriko-san. 

They were so surprised to see us ! 

It was also my first time to go to Yamagata. 

En route.

Me at the wheel of Demichan.

The Autumnal foliage was sensational.
I noticed that the shape of the mountains seemed to change
in Yamagata to that of here.
Unusual and interesting.

We rocked into the Church of England there and surprised Father Stephan and

After the service a parishoner kindly took this group photo.

The Church itself is 103 years old and has a wonderful sense of time, methinks.
Great character, history and feeling.

This is actually a mini-door leading into the vestry.

The font is located at the front of the Church
in a small and separate space.

However if you lift up the red carpet a hidden chamber
is revealed !   Wow, big surprise.

Once the carpet is back down, the chamber is once again hidden.

We stayed for lunch with the very friendly congregation members.

Some very charming ladies I was lucky enough to meet. 

Members together. Guy on the left ( as you view this ) is 82 years old .... unbelievable.
He was so active and energetic. 

The spiffy new Vicarage at the rear of the Church. 

Some random shots of the Church.

Demichan waiting patiently for us to be Blessed :)

We went for a walk around Yamagata City.
Weather was a little chilly for me.

We warmed up with some great coffee at Tully`s.

A wonderful old traditional house yet attached to the
balcony railing is a satellite dish - very iconoclastic.

We saw this plant in the garden near the Church door.
Interesting berries on it.

Chikako drove back from Yamagata so that I could take some photos.

We pulled into some sort of highway rest area but I
chose not to get out. Not so interesting for me.

There were many bikes, including this one sporting antlers.
It was unique, to say the least.

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