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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Paetto on Paseo Street

Saturday Evening
after a hard slog at the office
we went to dinner
Paetto on Paseo Street.

We met up with our old friend
who now resides in Honolulu
for dinner together.

Long time, no see !

Above:  Chikako and Kasumi

Below: The Starter

Above: Pippys.... yum, yum !

 Above: ... Tomo~san and Hero just happened to be there, too !
Tomo, Kasumi, Hero.
Tomo~san and her gaijin husband, Howard
will come to the JES party on 31st March.
Hero will bring his latest wench.
Below: Chikako, Tomo, Kasumi, moi, Hero.

Later, and late, in the night, Chikako & I wandered into
Go~chan`s  izakaya for a midnight snack.

Top Night all round  :)