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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine`s Day - Nihon.

Valentine`s Day in Nihon is really different from Valentine`s Day in  my original culture.
In every which way ....

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On Monday evening, 13th February, 2012
I cooked  a pre-valentine`s dinner for Chikako.

A bottle of Jacobs Creek from my culture to celebrate in this culture.

Cooking dinner on the heater ~ yum !

I got a few snacks along the way .....

 And Chikako got some dango to top it all off ........


Tuesday evening, 14th February.
Chikako prepared a little surprise for me !
Strawberries around a dango heart with an edible message.
I was so happy to eat my `valentine`s card.`


And I also  received a special gift tonight from