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Friday, December 30, 2011

Yuki _san

Friday Night
30th December, 2011
This City


Long Time,
No See Yuki_san.

Chikako & I met Yuki_san for dinner and drinks this very night.

Our first time ever at this izakaya.
It was really good !  

Above: A somewhat genki Yuki_san !
Below: Chikako & me.

Outside, by the train station are many thousands of birds, like Starlings.
They roost in the trees there every night and are terribly raucous.

It`s time to say, Good Night.

Above: We are Blessed, we are so happy together.
I worry about my old friend, Yuki_san.

Below: Not so warm tonight.

And tomorrow is New Year`s Eve.
Chikako & I are going to go and eat Soba Noodles together
to herald in 2012.